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New Patients at Santoro Chiropractic P.C.

What to Expect

At Santoro Chiropractic P.C. you can expect a high-energy, welcoming environment with a knowledgeable, experienced and caring doctor.

Before your first visit, please take a few moments to print our new patient forms here and fill them out at your leisure. This information helps us get to know you and prepares us to conduct a complimentary review of your insurance coverage. Remember to bring the forms and your insurance cards to your first visit.

Your Initial Visit

Neck adjustmentWe value your time and would like you to know that your first visit may take up to an hour. This is to ensure we reserve enough time for an uninterrupted consultation and a thorough evaluation.

At this visit, you can expect to:

1. Turn in your paperwork – we’ll review it.

2. Meet with Dr. Santoro for a consultation.

  • discuss your problem and concerns
  • share your medical history and health goals

3. Receive a thorough chiropractic evaluation.

  • physical examination
  • orthopedic test
  • range of motion tests
  • X-rays, if required

We’ll then schedule a follow-up appointment. Ideally this will be on the very next day. This gives us enough time to study your test results and complete your insurance review, but makes it a priority to begin your care quickly.

Your Follow-up Visit

At your follow-up visit, you can expect:

1. A consultation with Dr. Santoro.

  • learn the results of your evaluation
  • hear an explanation of the cause of your problem
  • discuss the way forward

2. A review of your personalized treatment plan, based on your health goals.

  • to be informed of your insurance benefits, if any
  • to have an opportunity to ask questions
  • to be adjusted

If you’ve been adjusted before and have a preference for or against a particular technique please tell us.

Your Routine Visits

Your personalized care plan will describe the recommended visits in order to address your health goals effectively. Each visit should take 20-30 minutes or less.

As you move beyond relief care and are seeing results in your corrective care, Dr. Santoro will discuss the benefit of continuing into wellness care.

Contact us with questions, or to schedule an appointment.

New Patients at Santoro Chiropractic P.C. | (724) 349-0200