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Pediatrics, and All That Leads Up To It

One of the great joys in practice for Dr. Santoro is being able to empathize with patients. She suffered herself for many years with infertility problems. “These struggles deepened my faith, strengthened my love of family, and help me to care for pregnant women and infants from a unique perspective,” says Dr. Santoro.

Pediatrics and All That Leads Up To It

Dr. Santoro cares for pregnant woman and infants from a unique perspective.

Now as a mother of two children, she can relate with parents and their concerns. She has extensive experience with:

  • Webster’s technique – known to relieve pelvic stress and cause breach babies to turn naturally
  • Relieving colic in infants
  • Pediatric ear and throat infections
  • Preventing and relieving constipation
  • Asthma

Have You Been Injured?

At Santoro Chiropractic P.C., we have significant experience helping patients recover from:

  • work injuries
  • auto accidents
  • sports injuries
    • Repetitive stress and training injuries
    • Specific conditions involving the extremities and the connection to the spine and pelvis

“I’ve been in car accidents and can empathize with how the body feels. I’ve personally experienced the benefit of chiropractic care,” says Dr. Santoro. Chiropractic can help!

Indiana Chiropractor, Dr. Santoro

Welcome to Santoro Chiropractic P.C.!

We are skilled in liaising with insurance companies in these potentially complicated cases. Allow us to apply our experience and:

  • counsel you during this process
  • provide well-documented and targeted care
  • file your injury- or accident-related insurance claims

Curious Connections

In chiropractic, we know that seemingly unrelated things are often related, and that pain can be referred to unexpected places throughout the body. Consider some of these things:

  • Low back pain and digestive issues are often related
  • Children with sore throats often clear up after a neck adjustment
  • People with asthma often have tension in the upper back
  • Sinus conditions are relieved with neck adjustments

Certain musculoskeletal pain can be correlated with specific visceral or systemic problems. The nervous system controls every function or sub-system in your body. And since interference in the spine affects the nervous system, removing interference can restore function throughout the body.

See how you can benefit from decades of experience and compassionate care. Call (724) 349-0200 today.